Health and Fitness

When a Loved One Needs Hospice Care
The MidLife, March 2023

How Fiber Can Help with Menopause Symptoms
The MidLife, February 2023

Not Your Mother’s Gym
The MidLife, December 2022

5-Minute Workplace Fitness Breaks
The MidLife, October 2022

How I Stopped Hating Kegels
The MidLife, September 2022

Hepatitis Can’t Wait
Her Nexx Chapter, July 2021

Health Insurance for Freelancers
Make A Living Writing, November 2020

Get Fit Without Joining a Gym
Her Nexx Chapter, August 2019

Mental Health and Wellness

Five-Minute Workplace Meditations
The MidLife, November 2022

Ending the Stigma of Overdose
Her Nexx Chapter, August 2021

When Someone You Love Is Grieving
Her Nexx Chapter, August 2021

Why Are We All Acting So Weird?
Her Nexx Chapter, April 2020

Business Profiles

Float OKC
Edmond Outlook, April 2023

Four Paws Play Yard
Edmond Outlook, December 2022

Foundations Fitness
Edmond Outlook, October 2022

The Exercise Coach
Edmond Outlook, October 2020

Armstrong Auditorium
Edmond Outlook, September 2019


Edmond Farmer’s Market
Edmond Outlook, April 2023

Bringing HOPE to Edmond
Edmond Outlook, February 2023

Undefeated Jim Riley  
Edmond Outlook, September 2022

Fighting Fires with Fitness
Edmond Outlook, July 2022

Personal Experience Essays

Mammograms Still Scare Me, But Breast Cancer Gave Me a Sisterhood
GoodRx Health, March 2023

How a Simple Gratitude Practice Brought Me Peace
Her Nexx Chapter, November 2021

Staying Grateful All Year Long
Her Nexx Chapter, November 2020

Taking Charge of My Health Care
Her Nexx Chapter, June 2020

Contagious Kindness
Her Nexx Chapter, May 2020


From Plants to Plastic
Edmond Outlook, January 2022

10 Tools to Tame Your Phone
Her Nexx Chapter, May 2020

EARS on the Air (Edmond Amateur Radio Society)
Edmond Outlook, October 2019

Writing and Publishing

Fire Up Your First Draft: 10 Time-Saving Ways to Boost Writing Speed  Make A Living Writing, October 2019

Be Your Own Boss: Free Resources for Freelance Writers  Make A Living Writing, July 2019

Earn Money Online: Monster List of 161 Markets for Freelance Writers  Make A Living Writing, December 2017

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