Hepatitis Can’t Wait
Her Nexx Chapter, July 2021

Health Insurance for Freelancers
Make A Living Writing, November 2020

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day
Her Nexx Chapter, September 2020

Mini Meditations to Center and Calm
Her Nexx Chapter, April 2020

Get Fit Without Joining a Gym
Her Nexx Chapter, August 2019

Beyond Talk Therapy: 3 Options to Try
Her Nexx Chapter, June 2019

Primary Health Partners, NW OKC
Edmond Outlook, June 2019


Crossings Community Church (Remote worship and ministries)
Edmond Outlook, May 2020

Why Are We All Acting So Weird?
Her Nexx Chapter, April 2020

Contagious Kindness
Her Nexx Chapter, April 2020

Business Profiles

Miller Private Wealth
Edmond Outlook, June 2021

The Exercise Coach
Edmond Outlook, October 2020

Armstrong Auditorium
Edmond Outlook, September 2019

Dunford Pools
Edmond Outlook, June 2019


Spanish Cove Retirement Village
Edmond Outlook, November 2019

Home Care Assistance of Edmond
Edmond Outlook, August 2019

The Veraden
Edmond Outlook, March 2019


10 Tools to Tame Your Phone
Her Nexx Chapter, May 2020

EARS on the Air (Edmond Amateur Radio Society)
Edmond Outlook, October 2019

Pilot Profile–Mark Kiner
Model Helicopter Technique

Camp Curtis: A Weekend at the Youngblood Academy
Model Helicopter Technique

Writing and Publishing

Make a Living Writing

Fire Up Your First Draft: 10 Time-Saving Ways to Boost Writing Speed  October 2019

Be Your Own Boss: Free Resources for Freelance Writers

Productivity for Freelancers: Could Binge-Watching Help?
Q&A with Sage Cohen and Laura Stack

Earn Money Online: Monster List of 161 Markets for Freelance Writers  December 2017

Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc.

Changes at Amazon: Should We Be Scared? Fall 2018 Newsletter (article is on page 6)

Why Volunteer at OWFI? Summer 2018 Newsletter (article is on page 15)

All About the Conference Spring 2016 Newsletter (view online here)

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Books (Editing and Consulting)

Not a Prodigal
by Sharon Edge Martin
Oklahoma Book Award Finalist
2018 (beta reading)



Glances in the Rearview Mirror
by the Woodson Senior Center Writers
2018 (consultation/editing)


Musings on the Road of Life
by Timothy Reardon
2018 (consultation/formatting/design)



Time Blade: The Age of Jeweled Intelligence
by P. Christina Greenaway
2018 (proofreading)


Unexpected Wellness book cover

Unexpected Wellness
by Drs. Kevin and April Morford
2017 (publishing consultation/coaching)



My Friend Frank
by David L. Roper
Children’s Fiction
2017 (editing and beta reading)


The Well
by Audrey Streetman
(copy editing)



One Right Thing
by Chalise Bourque
(final copy editing/proofreading)


The Year of the Turnip
by Glenda Carlile
Children’s Historical Fiction
Oklahoma Book Award Finalist
(editing and beta reading)


Style Meister: The Quick Reference Custom Style Guide
Nonfiction, Reference
by Lana Castle