Happy Clients

“I hired Maria Veres to write Q&A-style blog posts based on interviews with experts for the Make a Living Writing blog.

As a new recurring feature for the blog, we had to work through the details to nail down the scope of work for this assignment. Maria navigated that first assignment perfectly, completed the work ahead of schedule, and did an excellent job writing the piece.

She’s been a regular contributor ever since, tackled other assignments, and handled the occasional last-minute change like a pro.”

Evan JensenEvan Jensen

Blog Editor
Make A Living Writing



“Maria took our book from an amateur production to a professional product with her experienced insight and guidance.  Her ability to know the common mistakes and provide simple fixes helped us publish a book that we’re proud of sharing wherever we go.  I highly recommend Maria – you will be thrilled you worked with her!”

Dr. Kevin Morford
Chiropractic Now!, Edmond, Oklahoma

Co-Author of Unexpected Wellness: A Radically Simple Approach to Healthy Living



“Maria Veres is a versatile writer with a clear voice and the ability to turn around error-free projects quickly. Working on the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Inc. newsletter and website, any request for input was met with an interesting and engaging piece that met and exceeded my expectations. Her positive attitude and thoughtful follow up make Maria a joy to work with.”

Mari Farthing

Newsletter Editor
Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc.



“In my years as a professional writer, I’ve been privileged to work with many outstanding editors, proofreaders, and critiquers – and Maria Veres is among the best. For more than a decade, she has helped me with articles, short stories, poems, and novels. If she agrees to work with you, you’ll discover what I mean.”

David L. Roper

Author of My Friend Frank and 40+ other books for adults and children